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Electronic Wire Harness Assembly Services

For those seeking a tailored electronic wire harness assembly solution, Riggertronic is the perfect match. With a diverse range of automotive cables and wires suitable for various systems and applications, our products are a top-notch option for any project. We meticulously select materials with the right gauge, conductors, color, and diameter, ensuring quality and reliability.

Automotive Parts

The intricate nature of an automobile lies in its mechanical and electrical systems, which necessitate precise wiring. At the heart of these systems are electrical components responsible for transmitting signals and power throughout the vehicle, essentially serving as the foundation for its proper functioning. Riggertronic presents a myriad of options for both repair and manufacturing, including design services. Our team is equipped to fabricate complete harnesses and supply essential components for repairs. With our commitment to adhering to ISO 9001:2015 quality standards and providing reliable parts, there are no constraints to the scope of your project.

Electrical Parts

For more than 17 years, Riggertronic has been Thailand’s go-to supplier for a wide range of components and complete harnesses, spanning from household devices and tools to switches and transformers. Benefit from our extensive expertise in collaborating with reliable manufacturers and our proficient workforce to tailor solutions perfectly suited to your project’s requirements, regardless of its scale. Whether you seek custom designs or top-notch parts for autonomous assembly, Riggertronic is here to cater to your needs.

Electronic Parts

When dealing with electronic components, attention to small details is crucial. A single defective wire or part can jeopardize the entire system, leading to costly repairs or disruptions in production. Our facility offers a wide range of electronic parts to support any project you undertake. Whether you require terminals, connectors, enclosures, or complete assemblies, we are here to assist you in discovering cost-effective solutions.

Electronic Wire Harness Assembly Parts

Riggertronic offers assistance in tailoring packages or manufacturing assembly components according to your needs, regardless of the project. Our team of experienced professionals can efficiently design bespoke electronic wire assembly harnesses and adeptly arrange cables to suit a wide range of applications. We provide a diverse selection of solutions and cable assembly types, encompassing multi-conductor, flat ribbon, custom electro-mechanical, coaxial/RF, and general assemblies. Whether you require individual parts or comprehensive services for your project, we stand as the ideal supplier option with the necessary resources to optimize your time.

Electronic Wire Cables

Outsourcing segments of assembly services can often be a practical cost-saving approach. Riggertronic stands out as the solution to this need. With our well-equipped supply chain and machinery, we guarantee the delivery of top-notch on-demand services. Our expertise extends to electronic wire and cable projects utilized in various environments, both above and below ground. Be it single connector wires or multi-conductor cables, our facility is fully equipped to supply premium electronic wiring solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Count on our state-of-the-art machinery to efficiently cater to any custom or standard order with precision.

Robotics & Automation Parts

Advances in robotics and automation are making impacts in many industries across the globe.  Each unit requires a variety of parts for motors, controllers, feedback devices, or locomotive devices, and all of these devices are connected with various wire/cable assemblies and connectors.  Our R&D teams have been working around the clock to stay in the latest innovations and developments to be able to provide advanced solutions for the implementation for many industries.  Give us a call or request a quote for more information on the parts and assemblies we offer across the requirements for several sectors. 

Other Services

We are here to help complete projects.  Once designed, it is time to put things together.  Automation still is limited, and manual assembly is still required for some of the processes.  If you need services for electronic wire, we have many to choose from.  We offer customized services to help you finish your project.  We can create custom wires, strip, and add connections that suit your needs.  We can assist you with housings, crimping, terminals, soldering, and spinning.  If you are not sure what you need, please allow us to guide you to the proper solution

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