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Electronic Wire Harness Assembly Services

If you are looking for a custom electronic wire harness assembly solution, Riggertronic is the right fit for you.  We offer a large selection of automotive cables and wires for a wide array of multiple systems and applications.  No matter the project, our products are an excellent choice, we source trusted materials with proper gauge, conductors, color, and diameter.   

Automotive Parts

An automobile is a complex vehicle with mechanical and electrical systems that must be wired correctly.  The core elements revolve around the electrical systems that send signals and power throughout the vehicle.  It is essentially the backbone of the mechanical parts that make the automobile operate properly.  Riggertronic offers many solutions for repair and manufacturing or even design.  Our staff can help to manufacture whole harnesses or provide the necessary parts for repair.  There is no limit to your project, our quality standards in line with ISO 9001:2015 standards and devotion to delivering trusted parts is the right answer for your project.  

Electrical Parts

From home appliances to tools or switches to transformers, we are Thailand’s quality supplier for various parts or full harnesses.  Over 17 years of working with trusted suppliers and our skilled workers, we can help design the best fit for your project, no matter how small or big.  Riggertronic can create your solutions or supply you with the quality parts to do the job independently.

Electronic Parts

The little details when it comes to electronic parts are essential. If an electronic wire or component is faulty, the entire system could break, become costly to fix, or create problems in the manufacturing process. Our plant has an extensive selection of electronic parts for any project that you have. Whether you need terminals, connectors, housings, or entire assemblies, we can help you find the best solution at reasonable prices.

Electronic Wire Harness Assembly Parts

No matter the project, Riggertronic can help design the right package or custom-build assembly parts to your specifications. Assembly requires time, and we have the resources to save your time. Our skilled workers can design custom electronic wire assembly harnesses and know how to organize cables into an efficient, flexible variety of applications. We offer a variety of solutions and cable assembly styles that include multi-conductor, flat ribbon, custom electro-mechanical, coaxial/RF, and general assemblies. If your project needs parts or full service, we are the best choice supplier.

Electronic Wire Cables

In many cases, it is cost-effective to outsource portions of assembly services. This is where Riggertronic is your answer. We have the supply and machinery to deliver high-quality on-demand. Electronic wire ire and cable projects are used in different sky areas below the water. Our plant is ready to provide high-quality electronic wires and cables no matter the application. Wires with single connectors or cables with groups of conductors, we have what you need for your projects. Our modern machinery is ready and capable of fulfilling any order to spec for custom or standard usages.  

Robotics & Automation Parts

Advances in robotics and automation are making impacts in many industries across the globe.  Each unit requires a variety of parts for motors, controllers, feedback devices, or locomotive devices, and all of these devices are connected with various wire/cable assemblies and connectors.  Our R&D teams have been working around the clock to stay in the latest innovations and developments to be able to provide advanced solutions for the implementation for many industries.  Give us a call or request a quote for more information on the parts and assemblies we offer across the requirements for several sectors. 

Other Services

We are here to help complete projects.  Once designed, it is time to put things together.  Automation still is limited, and manual assembly is still required for some of the processes.  If you need services for electronic wire, we have many to choose from.  We offer customized services to help you finish your project.  We can create custom wires, strip, and add connections that suit your needs.  We can assist you with housings, crimping, terminals, soldering, and spinning.  If you are not sure what you need, please allow us to guide you to the proper solution

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